4th October -30th November 2017 Ntone- Event – Szent Vitus Foundation: Kayak training

The Pápay Ágoston  Elementary, Skills Development and Boarding School is a development institution undertaking the education and training of severely disabled children. With the help of the Szent Vitus Foundation altogether 80 children could gain special experience and learn the basics of canoeing and sup in a series of 10 occasions, lasting for 3 hours each. The unobstructed location in Budaörs was a perfect choice. The series of event is going to end on 30th November 2017.


Martonvasár 6 Ntone Event 1 1 Martonvasár 6 Ntone Event 1 2 Martonvasár 6 Ntone Event 1 3 


Martonvasár 5 Ntone Event 1  Martonvasár 5 Ntone Event 2  Martonvasár 5 Ntone Event 3 


Martonvasár 4 Ntone Event 1 Martonvasár 3 Ntone Event 2 Martonvasár 3 Ntone Event 3 


Martonvasár 3 Ntone Event 1 Martonvasár 33 Ntone Event 1 2  Martonvasár 33 Ntone Event 1 3


Martonvásár 2 Ntone Event 1  Martonvásár 2 Ntone Event 2  Martonvásár 2 Ntone Event 3 


Martonvásár Kajaktrénig Ntone Event 1 Martonvásár Kajaktrénig Ntone Event 2  Martonvásár Kajaktrénig Ntone Event 3 



26th October 2017 Ntone Event – Motiváció Foundation: Magic in Budaörs

At our event held in the MagNet Bank the leader of the reading circle of Budaörs, dr. Zoltán Tóth, was talking with the poet László Babinszky about his two volumes of poems. The poems were read by Károly Kiss and Gabriella Velancsics. We could also listen to/watch the children’s program held by the musician and actor Attila Simon. In the break we served dr. Zoltán Tóth’s healing dishes to our guests!

Budaörs Magnet Ntone Event 0 Budaörs Magnet Ntone Event 3  Budaörs Magnet Ntone Event 4 
Budaörs Magnet Ntone Event 5  Budaörs Magnet Ntone Event 6 Budaörs Magnet Ntone Event 41 

19th October 2017 Ntone Event – Motiváció Foundation: Musical colour pranks

The ULWILA method is connected to the name of Heinrich Uhlrich, who created this special and at the same time great principle of music teaching based on colors. With the help of this method, playing music in company became accessible also to mentally disabled people.

Their special musical instruments are: the double-bass, the zither, the carillon, the percussions and the pan’s pipes. Their repertoire consists of Hungarian folk-songs and film music, Polish, North- and South-American folk-music and songs as well as religious songs. The Pápay Ágoston Elementary, Skills Development and Boarding School is a development institution undertaking the education and training of severely disabled children. In their institution with a complex function, talent supporting plays an emphasized role, as every disabled young person is talented in one field or another. This method is unique even at a national level. Thank you for the heart-warming concert!

Ulwilla Magnet Ntone Event 2  Ulwilla Magnet Ntone Event 4 Ulwilla Magnet Ntone Event 3 
Ulwilla Magnet Ntone Event 9 Ulwilla Magnet Ntone Event 5 Ulwilla Magnet Ntone Event 8

Ntone Event: Obstruction Free Adventure Park

Ntone Event and the Motiváció Foundation realized its sub-program with the title “Obstruction Free Adventure Park” within the framework of the series of events No. IFJ-GY-17-A-0098 on 20th September 2017, in which the young people mastered the adventure field of the Drug Therapy Institution of Ráckeresztúr. Then they played music together and tried each others’ musical instruments. After lunch they talked about their common experience, during which the most frequently asked question was about the date of the next event. The young people under therapy realized during this event how “small” their own problems are as compared to those of the disabled guests. We consider it also a success that the leaders of the institution started planning the possible forms of further cooperation already on the spot. The Drug Therapy Institution of Ráckeresztúr defines itself as a drug-free community and tries to provide help to those applying to it and to make it possible for its inhabitants to free themselves from the addiction to drugs. The Pápay Ágoston Elementary, Skills Development and Boarding School is a development institution undertaking the education and training of severely disabled children. In their institution with a complex function, talent supporting plays an emphasized role, as every disabled young person is talented in one field or another. They use methods – e.g. the Ulwila method, the bell method and campo, which can be regarded as unique even at a national level. Their art groups successfully participated in international events (in Germany, Slovenia, Poland, and 2011 they elaborated a development program realizing the individual elements of their talent supporting program in an integrated form).

Kaladpark 1  Kaladpark 2  Kaladpark 3 
Kaladpark 4  Kaladpark 5 Kaladpark 6
Kaladpark 7 Kaladpark 8  Kaladpark 9 
Kaladpark 10 Kaladpark 11  Kaladpark 12

Ntone Event – Motiváció Foundation: Tunes of Gyergyótekerőpatak

The second performance in the event series of Ntone Event and the Motiváció Foundation consisting of six parts was Nikolett Fehér’s and Zsanett Baranyi’s concert. We could participate in a cozy concert, where the audience filled even the gallery. Thanks to our performing artists for the wonderful experience!

Manet Ntone Fehér Nikolett  Manet Ntone Fehér Nikolett 2  Manet Ntone Fehér Nikolett 3 

Ntone Event 2017.10.05 Szlovik Márton természetfotói

The protégée of the Salva Vita Foundation is Márton Szlovik, 29, who has been dealing with the observation of animals for over 15 years now.
He has taken photos about insects since 2008 and worked as a volunteer at the Bird Watching Society of Ócsa for 10 years. He is also member of the Hungarian Entomological Association, where his outstanding talent has been awarded second and third places already. Several foreign visitors arrived to the exhibition, many teenagers visited it, too, and they were very excited about the show.


Szlovik 1


Szlovik 2 


Szlovik 3 

Szlovik 4

Szlovik 6  Szlovik 5


26th October - 6th November 2017 Ntone Event – Szent Vitus Foundation: Window to the water

During the first few lessons the children were already hanging down from the windows. They wanted to get an insight into the water world, which we brought to them under swimming pool conditions. During these two weeks nearly 400 elementary school children were taught the basics of this wonderful sport.

I would like to thank my friends Kinga Győrik, Judit Endreffy, Csaba Dalia and Gábor Fekete, as well as the sportsmen of the Rowing Department Kinizsi of Ercsi. We were happy to present our methodology to several foreign delegations, too.
The program series „INTEGRATED TRAINING OF KAYAK-CANOE-SUP” was implemented comprehensively with the support of the Youth Protection and Guardian department of EMMI as part of the curriculum, in cooperation of the Szent Vitus Foundation and Ntone Event.

Ablak a vízre 1  Ablak a vízre 2  Ablak a vízre 3 
Ablak a vízre 4  Ablak a vízre 5  Ablak a vízre 6 
Ablak a vízre 7  Ablak a vízre 8  Ablak a vízre 11 


3rd – 21st August 2017 Ntone Event:  Kayak camp in Zamárdi

This year again we could spend almost three happy weeks with the protégées and volunteers of the Children and Juvenile Foundation of the County Pest. We are glad to be part of such a serious and generous team and contribute to the summer fun of more than 150 children. Thanks to Lívia Kun for her invitation, the Szent Vitus and the Athletisz Foundations, Zoltán Tubel, Kristóf Nagy and Kinga Győrik for their support. I would like to emphasize the helpfulness of two summer camp participants, Dávid Csorba and Attila Stób, without whom everything would have been more difficult. I hope we will meet next year, too!
János Nagy 

 Zamárdi tábor Ntone Event 13  Zamárdi tábor Ntone Event 14  Zamárdi tábor Ntone Event 15
 Zamárdi tábor Ntone Event 16  Zamárdi tábor Ntone Event 17  Zamárdi tábor Ntone Event 18
 Zamárdi tábor Ntone Event 19  Zamárdi tábor Ntone Event 20  Zamárdi tábor Ntone Event 22 



11th June 2017 Weekly basic food – 8th district Nr.105

Thanks to the Telenor Magyarország Zrt. for its gifts, a new collection of Spongebobs got to its right place!







30th May 2017 IV. Ntone Hungarian Open Mind Cup

Nearly three thousand smiling disabled guests, several hundred volunteers, 14 dragon-boats, fantastic motorists, countless programs on the stage, on land and water. This was an integrated international competition for the supporting teams. Moving experience presented to each other. Thanks to all our Partners for their help and support!
We would like to welcome you also next year at the fifth Ntone Hungarian Open Mind Cup! 

Ntone Event 2014 Hungarian Open Mind Cup 19 Ntone Event 2014 Hungarian Open Mind Cup 1  Ntone Event 2016 Hungarian Open Mind Cup 6
 Ntone Event 2016 Hungarian Open Mind Cup 7  Ntone Event 2016 Hungarian Open Mind Cup 12  Ntone Event 2016 Hungarian Open Mind Cup 22
 Ntone Event 2016 Hungarian Open Mind Cup 24  Ntone Event 2016 Hungarian Open Mind Cup 32  Ntone Event 2017 Hungarian Open Mind Cup 57


28th May 2017 High-tech reception and quality in the production center of Khell-Food!

Last week we visited the sandwich factory of world standard with the graduates of Addetur in order to create new workplaces and to get to know the plant. The event was organized by the Motiváció Foundation and Ntone Event.

Khell-Food Kft. started as a one-man business out of practically “nothing” in 1992. In three years only the company developed very fast to a high level. Our choice of this location is no coincidence, they employ also presently four disabled people and they responded to our request with huge enthusiasm.
The tasty sandwiches of Khell-Food are well-know to everybody, as the company offers its products in 1500 shops and filling-stations throughout the country. The company celebrating its 15th anniversary moved to its brand new production base of world standard in Budaörs, close to Kamaraerdő in January this year. With the help of the owner of the company, Zoltán Kelényi, we could show also to the disabled career-starters how sandwich production takes place in such a special factory.

I am especially proud that I - as commercial leader - also belonged to the team of the company for ten years. I wish you further success!

Thank you for the warm welcome and the fine tasting!

Khell Food Ntone Event 1 Khell Food Ntone Event 2 Khell Food Ntone Event 3 


19th May 2017 Ntone Event in the Center of Telenor in Törökbálint

In the Center of Telenor in Törökbálint we listened to several presentations with the colleagues of the Motiváció Foundation and discussed with the students of the School Addetur the positions, which are open for them, too. We walked through the obstruction-free main office of Telenor and could see how extremely open and receptive they are in connection with the creation of workplaces for disabled people. It was a wonderful experience for all of us!

"The work capacity of disabled people is rather unexploited nowadays, as only every tenth disabled person, who is fit to work according to his/her age, works. Their employment ratio is 9 or 10 percent as compared to 40 percent in the European Union. This high rate of unemployment stems from the approach, which focuses on the deficiencies instead of the question, what these people are good at and what they can do if they get effective support and training. Moreover, the employers often do not have enough information, so they do not carry out the necessary transformations, the majority of which could be performed in a cost-saving way or with support via tenders.” We have a lot to learn from Telenor!

We thank Krisztina Asztalos and her Team for the perfect organization and the kind welcome!

 Telenor Ntone 1  Telenor Ntone 3   Telenor Ntone 2


16th May 2018 Ntone Event at Kockacsoki

Today we visited the Kockacsoki Manufacture with the help of the Motiváció Foundation, where 8 disabled young students got an insight into the possibilities open for them at the open labour force market. Thanks to our friends, the DREAM TRANSPORTER Viktor Brandt and Niki Almási for their help.

Introduction of Kockacsoki:
"In our manufacture, we produce our hand-made products from the highest quality Belgian chocolate. We pay special attention to the observation of the food-hygienic regulations, the conformity with the requirements of the HACCP system. Our chocolate factory is a member of the NESsT Hungary portfolio, the aim of our social enterprise is to promote the employment and the social acceptance of disabled people."

Kockacsoki 6  Kockacsoki 2
 Kockacsoki 3  Kockacsoki 4
 Kockacsoki 5  Kockacsoki 1

8th May 2017 Ntone Team: Kayak training in the Eötvös József Elementary School in Ercsi

Today we travelled to Ercsi with my friend Kinga Győrik at the invitation of my friend Csaba Dalia, where we could learn a few kayak tricks from the cheerful students of the Eötvös József Elementary School. It was great to dive into our hearts with you!


18342417 10154515054252621 57919659041342683 n 18342662 10154515070182621 5994146104287317372 n  18402782 10154515078922621 8982697303641055471 n 


10th April 2017 Children’s Day in the Youth Park in Kamaraerdő

In a bit windy and cloudy weather we managed to organize a very happy and eventful program in the Youth Park in Kamaraerdő.
The suggestion came from Magda Biczó, who contributed to the unclouded joy of more than 100 children not only with the idea but also with collecting an incredibly large number of gifts and great support!

Organizers: Reading Circle of Budaörs, Budaörs Esély Social Association, Volunteers of the Heti Betevő Society in Budaörs and the 8th district, Hova-Tesz Association, Ntone Team
Our programs:
9:00-10:30 a.m. Arrival, breakfast for the children: chocolate drink, chocolate snake and cookies
10:00-11:15 a.m. Asphalt-drawing competition, arts and crafts activity, football, badminton
11:15 -12:00 a.m. Presenter: Anna Szabó T., poet
12:00 a.m. -1:00 p.m. Lunch: deer stew with noodles and pickled cucumber
1:00-2:00 p.m. Martial arts show
2:15-3:00 p.m. Presenter: Attila Simon, actor and musician

3:00-4:00 p.m. Awarding, gifts and surprises 

Kamaraerdő 6  Kamaraerdő 2 



30th March 2017- Not so long ago we visited the Móra Ferenc Elementary School in Kispest

The school is visited by slightly mentally disabled students and students with autism. Nearly 70 students come to our school, 25 of them to middle school. The great majority of the students are also in a socially disadvantageous position. With our team we tried to grant them as much experience as possible in a swimming pool environment. 

wekerle 1  wekerle 2 



16th December 2016 - Ntone Event: Christmas Concert

With the team of the Motiváció Foundation, our Guests and Colleagues we could say goodbye to this year in a wonderful community space, within the framework of a Christmas Concert. We could listen to the performing artists of three different musical styles: to Gergő Farkas, János Domoszlai and finally to Nikolett Fehér and László Ürmös. We would like to thank for the support of the Magnet Bank and the wonderful experience provided by our artists.

magnet kari 2016 1  magnet kari 2016 3 



13th December 2016 - JNI Foundation: Pest Buda Restaurant

Yesterday we were the guests of the Restaurant Pest Buda!
It was an amazing feeling to prepare dishes together with the team of the Jövőt Nekik Is Foundation and the Pest-Buda Restaurant! We enjoyed ourselves wonderfully. Thanks for the invitation.

JNI 1 1 JNI 1 2 JNI 1 3 



1st December 2016 – On weekdays: “civilian", on the world-day: "volunteer"

Today an unusual school competition was held in the Music Club Barba Negra in connection with the World Day of Disabled People. Our aim was to bring elementary and middle school students closer to the world of the disabled through playful activities.

Our compliments to the Volunteer Teams and Civil Organizations, who were tireless and were satisfying the children’s curiosity all day long. The following organizations took part in the event: the Local Government of Újbuda, the Nem Adom Fel Foundation, the Down Foundation, the Pető Institute, the Bliss Foundation, the Motiváció Foundation, the Munka-Kör a Hallássérültekért Foundation, the Szellemi Sérült Testvéreinkért Foundation, Montágh Imre Elementary School, Kindergarten and Skills Development Special Vocational School, the Early Development Center of Budapest, the Újbuda Prizma Nonprofit Kft. and the Paraolympic Commission.

15241978 10154074889082621 475041577719382402 n  15230776 10154074885637621 3331626790706466603 n 



23rd November 2016 – Reading Circle of Budaörs, Heti Betevő /Our daily bread/: Food distribution in the 8th district

On the second Sunday in November the usual cheerful friends circle came together to cook the lunch for the families in the 8th district, a fantastic Székely goulash, under the direction of the chef, Zoltán Tóth. Besides the goulash served with sour cream, we packed bread and apple for each family. To our greatest pleasure our super volunteer cake experts made different beautiful cakes, too, what is more, we could also welcome some new enthusiastic volunteer packers in our team. Beyond the 130 portions of food, Zoltán Tóth and his kind wife gave us 40 gift baskets, which will be filled with small presents prepared by our volunteers, so that “Heti Betevő” will be able to smuggle some surprise under the Christmas trees of the families.

15055742 1886500678236839 1591405320772865364 n  15085677 1886500878236819 1554865596300921473 n 15134541 1886500908236816 8436765606588209101 n



19th October 2016 - Menedékház Foundation, Ntone Team: Kayak-training

Today we had only four children as guests. It’s OK, we thought, today it will be a bit easier. Well, this was not the case, we had never got tired so fast as now. Our guests were amazingly eager to face the challenges. There are still a few things for us to learn …

Thanks to Kornélia Beszédes for her recommendation, our Guests for their love and my friends Kinga Győrik and Gábor Papp for their help.

Our students were on this occasion the protégées of the Menedékház Foundation, the aim of which is: to increase the chances of the social layers, which are falling behind, at social and economic integration and to help them catch up. To eliminate deep poverty and exclusion by developing measures to create chances. An important aspect is to change the initial, not appropriate situation of those people resorting to social services. Nowadays the social phenomena reproducing homelessness (impoverishment, unemployment, housing difficulties, behavior disorders due to alcohol- and drug consumption) have intensified. These problems being the direct trigger factors of family conflicts frequently lead to homelessness.

The ever increasing homelessness requires effectiveness from every member of homeless-attendance. Effectiveness can primarily be reached through searching for new possibilities and the development of the existing programs. Change and reformation are crucial in order to be able to provide a “competitive” way out. Menedékház Foundation

Menedékház Alapítvány  Ntone Team Kajaktréning 02  Menedékház Alapítvány  Ntone Team Kajaktréning 01  Menedékház Alapítvány  Ntone Team Kajaktréning 03 



6th October 2016 Ntone Event: Barkan Yoga Day - Jövőt Nekik is Foundation

Today we organized a yoga-day in the Home for Mentally Disabled People and Psychiatric Patients in Tordas at the invitation Rita Gali and the Jövőt Nekik is Foundation, with my friends, Kinga Győrik and Orsolya Sziládi, yoga teacher of the Barkan Yoga Studio. The inhabitants and the employees of the home were wonderfully carrying out the asanas for almost 2 hours. It was a bit difficult to say goodbye, as they would have liked to start the next lesson, too. We will meet soon!
Ntone Team

Ntone Event Barkan Jóganap Jövőt Nekik is Alapítvány 01  Ntone Event Barkan Jóganap Jövőt Nekik is Alapítvány 02  Ntone Event Barkan Jóganap Jövőt Nekik is Alapítvány 03 



5th October 2016 Ntone Event  -  Hospice „A méltóság mezeje” /The Field of Dignity/ Debrecen

I think we are going to stay!!! We enjoyed ourselves a lot. Thanks to the students of the dr. Kettessy Aladár Elementary School for the unforgettable day, Gyöngyi Porkoláb for the invitation and the perfect organization and the management of the swimming pool for the excellent conditions. At the end we used even the few minutes left for fun.

„Every minute is valuable”

The Program “The Field of Dignity” is 10 years old.

Its accompanying event “Dive into your Heart” with Kayak-shows and training for disabled people in the swimming pool in Debrecen 5th October 2016, 1:00 p.m.

The program is held as one of the accompanying events of the 10th anniversary of the program Field of Dignity. The students with serious visual defections of the dr. Kettesy Aladár Elementary School will participate in the show.

The social attitude-forming program “Field of Dignity” started 10 years ago in Debrecen. A comprehensive program has been developed, which reaches every member of the family and thanks to which the children have grown into sympathetic and caring adults in these 10 years. Within the framework of the program accompanied by professionals – among them psychologists, educators and mental-hygienic specialists – an open sensitization dialogue is held with the children in order to make them understand why it is important to pay attention to each other and to turn an ear to each other’s requests.

Alone in Debrecen 18 training and educational institutions have joined the program, and other townships in the county Hajdú-Bihar, too. The towns Berettyóújfalu, Hajdúböszörmény, Hajdúhadház, Vámospércs and Nyíradony decided to join the idea of the Field of Dignity program. Beside the school discussions, several interesting events were developed to emphasize the importance of human life and the joy of life. Numerous institutions, among them the dr. Kettessy Aladár Elementary School, have joined these events
Every year, the Sports Center of Debrecen is the professional supporter of the program Field of Dignity, as they join the Kincskereső program /Treasure Hunt Program/ and organize a sports day in the Gyulai István Athletic Fields to highlight the importance of competing, causing joy and moving by way of paying attention to each other and through the love of sports.

The program Field of Dignity started its 10th year. In the year of the anniversary a hospice house is being built with the support of the Local Government of the Town Debrecen with County Rights, which is going to accept incurable cancer patients from the region in order to maintain life-long dignity.

Gyöngyi Porkoláb
Program leader
Field of Dignity Program

Debrecen, 5th October 2016

Hospice A méltóság mezeje Debrecen 01  Hospice A méltóság mezeje Debrecen 04 Hospice A méltóság mezeje Debrecen 02
Hospice A méltóság mezeje Debrecen 09 Hospice A méltóság mezeje Debrecen 08 Hospice A méltóság mezeje Debrecen 07



23rd September 2016 2:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m. - Belvárosi Művészeti Napok /Art Days in the City Center/, Ntone Event

Olympic Park.
Our disabled artists enchanted our young, but competent audience. We brought music and they gave us their genuine attention. Thank you! Motiváció Foundation

Soon after getting acquainted with each other, Nikolett Fehér and László Ürmös joined not only their lives, but also their musical careers. They created the classic violin/viola – piano formation in 2011.
To the aims of the band belong the connection of the „modern” world and classical music with an interpretation of high standard, with new ideas and places. They wish to provide high-level relaxation for all age-groups and popularize live-acoustic music. In their repertoire you can find current popular songs and monumental masterpieces of great classic composers. Niki and László were smiling continuously during the performance and the children wanted to get as close to them as possible. Duo Nicole regularly gives concerts both in Hungary and abroad.

János Domoszlai’s introduction:
I was born on 3rd November 1988. I have had serious visual deficiencies since my birth. The music accompanied my whole life. However, already as a child I felt that I did not wish to choose a well-known style. To my early experience belonged my obstetrician, who was of Indian origin, and my Peruvian kindergarten teacher in the kindergarten for blind children. Still, these were not the main reasons which were determining my musical career, but the music which was played in one of the underpasses in Budapest. At present I work at the Central Hungarian Regional Association for Blind and Visually Impaired (VGYKE) helping as community organizer the life of my peers with visual problems. Since my childhood I have felt attracted to all ancient sounds, especially to those organizing the musical world of the Indians and of South-America. I believe that openness can lead to miracles and create new relations. Thank you for your ideas about the Peruvian flute and the presentation of the individual music pieces.

Sándor Köleséri:
He was born in Miskolc, on 25th April 1972. He is a low-built actor (132 cm). After finishing his elementary school studies in Budapest he graduated in 1990 from the secondary school. After some by-passes he got in touch with the theatre when 1995 the entrepreneur György Klapka was looking for dwarfs and Lilliputian people for a theater performance. The director, János Novák entrusted Sándor with the role of the cliff prince in the piece Gulliver by Swift and Zsolt Pozsgai, which was performed in the Thália Theater and presented twenty-six times with great success. Since then he has been performing as freelance actor in several theaters in Budapest and in the countryside. Dear Sándor! We owe special thanks to you for your participation today in spite of your sickness!

Belvárosi Művészeti Napok Ntone Event 01  Belvárosi Művészeti Napok Ntone Event 02  Belvárosi Művészeti Napok Ntone Event 03



28th September 2016 - Pápay Ágoston Elementary, Skills Development and Boarding School, Martonvásár

Our pedagogical model is the realization of a complex support inspiring social learning, development, the provision of motivation and the supporting of autonomy for students with special educational needs (mentally disabled)

Season opening kayak-training with the students of the Pápay Ágoston Elementary School

We already needed some laughing very much. The kayak-season in the swimming pool was opened with the specially CHEARFUL students of the Pápai Ágoston School and their teacher, Imre Botos. We were especially glad to welcome the leader of the pharmacy at Templom tér in Budaörs, Judit Endreffy in our team, who is also a great kayaker: )))  Also today we dived into our hearts, thanks to my friends Kinga Győrik and Gábor Pap for their help.
Ntone Team


Szezonnyitó kajaktréning a PÁPAY ÁGOSTON Ált. Isk. Nebulóival 01  Szezonnyitó kajaktréning a PÁPAY ÁGOSTON Ált. Isk. Nebulóival 06  Szezonnyitó kajaktréning a PÁPAY ÁGOSTON Ált. Isk. Nebulóival 03 



Szezonnyitó kajaktréning a PÁPAY ÁGOSTON Ált. Isk. Nebulóival 04  Szezonnyitó kajaktréning a PÁPAY ÁGOSTON Ált. Isk. Nebulóival 05  Szezonnyitó kajaktréning a PÁPAY ÁGOSTON Ált. Isk. Nebulóival 06 



8th – 17th August 2016 - Ntone Team: Children’s Summer Camp in Zamárdi

The Ntone Team could teach canoeing to more than 200 children, the guests of the Children and Juvenile Foundation of the County Pest. Thanks to our helpers and friends, who arrived for one or several days. It was a pleasure to be with you!

Ntone Team Zamárdi Gyermektábor 01  Ntone Team Zamárdi Gyermektábor 02  Ntone Team Zamárdi Gyermektábor 03 



16th August 2016 - Tordas Freestylers Dragon-boat Overdose, 2016

... it has become a tradition that we paddle out every summer with the chirpy children of our friends and acquaintances working in social institutions. The dragon whispered to us that it felt wonderfully in your company!

Tordas Freestylers Dragon Overdose 2016 Ntone Team 01  Tordas Freestylers Dragon Overdose 2016 Ntone Team 02  Tordas Freestylers Dragon Overdose 2016 Ntone Team 03 


11th July 2016 - Thanks for the I. Budapest Sup

According to the Kiteline SE it was high time for us to organize our own Sup-tour in our beautiful capital city, Budapest, following the tours in the probably most beautiful cities of the world, Venice and Rome. This year was the first but in no way the last time that Sup Budapest set off and we could paddle through the heart of Budapest in a North-South direction in front of the Parliament, the Gellért-Hill, the Buda Castle and the other sights up to the Kopaszi Dam. Congratulations to the organizers!

Thanks for the I Budapest Sup 01  Thanks for the I Budapest Sup 02 Thanks for the I Budapest Sup 03 



25th May 2016 - Ntone Cup Integráció Határok Nélkül /Integration without Limits/, Sukoró, 2016

By the evening, we got tired together with the dragons. The photos have arrived, I will upload them as soon as possible: )) It was great to dive into our hearts with you! Thank you all, János Nagy


Ntone Kupa Integráció Határok Nélkül 2016 Sukoró képek 1 01  Ntone Kupa Integráció Határok Nélkül 2016 Sukoró képek 1 02  Ntone Kupa Integráció Határok Nélkül 2016 Sukoró képek 2 03 
Ntone Kupa Integráció Határok Nélkül 2016 Sukoró képek 1 03  Ntone Kupa Integráció Határok Nélkül 2016 Sukoró képek 2 01  Ntone Kupa Integráció Határok Nélkül 2016 Sukoró képek 2 02 


9th May 2016 - 60 meters Marathon

Good kayakers appreciate the water. Last Sunday I was delighted to participate in the competition at the “SMALL LAKE” in Sukoró, where I found not only defeaters but also good friends and old kayakers. We had a great time, thanks to the Sukoró Adventure Club for the invitation.

60 méteres Maraton 01  60 méteres Maraton 02  60 méteres Maraton 03 



23rd March 2016 - Ctrl+C és Ctrl+Ntone Team

We all tend to believe that things would not go smooth enough without us. That’s why I am especially proud of the ever changing Ntone Team, which held a kayak-training without me on Monday for Ágnes Mészáros, vice-president of the Central Hungarian Regional Association of Blind and Visually Disabled People and the National Association of Hungarian Blind and Visually Disabled People and the colleagues of the association. I could arrive only at the end of the training but I still managed to see some excited and smiling faces. Thanks to Kati Ballai, Kinga Győrik, Gábor Papp and Gábor Ilisics as well as BALLAIZOLIBÁCSI: ), who has been improving my kayak skills for over 40 years now. It was easy for them, I can only hope that their example will find followers. You could make it easily, too!

CtrlC és CtrlNtone Team 01  CtrlC és CtrlNtone Team 02  CtrlC és CtrlNtone Team 03 



7th March 2016 - Stand Up and Paddle!

Today’s slogan is: Stand Up and Paddle!
Today’s lunch will be: two sea kayaks between two SUPs.
The inexhaustible students of the class 4E of the Pető Institute gave a hard work to the honorary members of the Ntone Team: Krisztián Gugi, the founder of the Sukoró Adventure Club, who organizes wonderful communities and Tamás Végvári who has nearly paddled round Europe. Thanks to my friend Kinga Győrik for her help, too.

Stand Up and Paddle 02 Stand Up and Paddle 01 Stand Up and Paddle 03 



15th – 16th February 2016 – Two days kayak-training in the Elementary School for Blind Students

In two days’ time we completed 16 kayak-classes. We went to school again with my friends, but we didn’t sit in the school bank: accidentally we seated ourselves in the kayaks. We taught canoeing to wonderful and skillful children according to schedule and we also learnt a lot from them. Thanks for the lessons and for the help to my friends János Urbán, Zoltán Ballai, Kinga Győrik and Gábor Ilisics. We owe thank to the teaching staff for their trust and to the children for their love. We have learnt a great amount from them, still we would like to redo the class next year. 

Webhírek fekvő keskeny sablon


1st February 2016 - Kayak Overdose or "the Attack of the Clown Fish"

You are paddling peacefully with the members of the dance group Paradance in the town swimming pool. This is an easy Monday afternoon, you could think … and then the Clown Fish, who seemed to be completely harmless, attack and almost sink your boats … What is going on here? We demand revenge! Shake with fear Clown Fish!

Bohóchalak Ntone Team


1st February 2016 – Kayak-training a'la Paradance Company

The wheel-chair dance group ParaDance Company was founded on 8th September 2012 thanks to a few good friends’ love to dace. The aim of their existence is to shape the society’s awareness, and also the commitment to ideas according to which they would like to show both the sound and the disabled people, and last but not least to themselves that also people in wheel-chairs are able to represent and create values and reach artistic achievements. Thank you for accepting our invitation and I would like to thank my friends Kinga Győrik, Zoltán Ballai, Gábor Papp and my „smaller” son, Kristóf Nagy.

Paradance Company Ntone Team


11th January 2016 – Today we went canoeing again! :)

The brave and highly talented inhabitants and students of the Addetur Baptist Secondary and Vocational School and the Rehabilitation Center for Disabled People (MEREK) taught us a few new techniques. We tried out a kayak equipped with an outrigger, the specialty of which is that it is very stable and safe due to its supporting. Thanks to my helpers Kinga Győrik, Kati Ballai, Zoltán Ballai and Gábor Ilisics. 

kajakdelutan 01  kajakdelutan 02  kajakdelutan 03 



7th December 2015 – The team of “Nem Adom Fel” /I won’t give up/ did really not give up!

This is how it is, when also the professional trainers have to learn new things! Thank you for coming along and trying all my kayaks. 

Ntone kajakdélután 1  Ntone kajakdélután 2  Ntone kajakdélután 3 



5th December 2015 – World openers - Jobb Velünk a Világ /The world is better with us/ - World-Day of Disabled People

Thanks to Andrea Baráth and her colleagues for the invitation! It was a pleasure to learn from such a professional team! Congratulations to Nándor Tunkel and Master Szabó Ozor! 

Ntone Fogyatékosok Világnapja 1  Ntone Fogyatékosok Világnapja 2  Ntone Fogyatékosok Világnapja 3 


1st December 2015 – An Angel’s Story

Somewhere in Nagytétény there still lives and works a very zealous Angel. It is so diligent that he got injured several times during its good deeds. The injuries of its fragile little hand were healed by my friend, Zoltán Nagy. Unfortunately, it also lost one of its wings, but thanks to my friend Péter Wendl, its wonderful new wing had been prepared just before Cardinal Péter Erdő consecrated the chapel on 28th November 2013. Last year at candle-lighting I noticed that our Angel’s hand was broken again. I decided to take it home and try to repair it. I have to admit that I am a bit proud that I could “heal” it, too. Special thanks to my friend Gyöngyike Káposztás, who restored it on site. I wish you all a Merry Christmas!

Ntone Angyali Történet 1  Ntone Angyali Történet 2  Ntone Angyali Történet 3 



18th November 2015 – The best program of Civil Impact

Mentors: Szerencsejáték Zrt, E.ON Hungária Zrt., Mannaszappan, Erste Bank, PwC, Bp. Újbuda Önkormányzata, János Nagy. Congratulations our friend, Kinga Győrik, on her first place in the competition organized at the end of the multi-steps training named Civil Academy. With the help of this initiative, the protégées of Civil Academy could gain extremely useful knowledge. A gap-filling practical training was developed at the Academy, which can be used excellently by the organizations when creating new partnerships with companies. We are looking forward to the continuation!

Ntone Györik Kinga Civil Impact 


Székely cabbage for 130 people

The name of this dish comes from Sándor Petőfi, who referred to his friend József Székely when ordering the food at the innkeeper. We do not know if József Székely was of Szekler origin or not. This can be disputed, but it is no question that the székely cabbage got to its best place at the socially needy families of the eighth district.

Ntone Székelygulyás 130 főre 1  Ntone Székelygulyás 130 főre 2  Ntone Székelygulyás 130 főre 3 



10th October 2015 – Civilians’ Night

I would like to thank our friends, Gyöngyike Káposztás and Zoltán Tóth, who contributed with a gastronomical adventure tour presenting healthy dishes and with the presentation and joint preparation of creative gifts to the success of the evening in the program series Civilians’ Night in the office of the Motiváció Foundation.

Ntone Civilek éjszakája 1  Ntone Civilek éjszakája 2  Ntone Civilek éjszakája 3 



1st June 2015 - Paracanoe categorization

This year, my friend András Rozbora was categorized extremely unfairly into another category, to less disabled people!!!! The facts are the following: the Olympic Games of 2016 will be organized next summer in Rio de Janeiro. A Brazilian lady decided about the qualification of Andris into a higher category and removed last year’s silver medalist in the World Championship, a Russian kayaker, from this category, too. Two years ago this category used to have a Brazilian world champion, who could not get any of the first three placed last year. There are several people with the same injury as Andris, but they are weaker, so they did not have to change their category? But he does not give up!!! Everybody says about Andris, who is smiling all the time, that he creates contacts unbelievably easily and motivates others with his cheerfulness. His motto is: “I am not suitable as an example, because I am a champion. I would simply like to create a bridge between the healthy and the disabled people, I would like to convince my friends not to sit around at home with the justification that the world is hurting us, but they should go out and live.” I think he is a real example!!! We are going to be with you András, this year and next year, too!

Ntone Rozbora András


29th May 2015 - Ntone-VVSI: Integrated Dragon-Boat Cup

It was maybe only right at their arrival, that István Füle and the team of the Plant Unit of Érdi Volán, consisting of almost 30 people, could have some rest. Nearly five hours long did they help our guests, who had difficulties moving, in and out the dragon-boats. They were at their service also as the crew of the boats. We would like to express our appreciation and respect to You. They started a special bus for our guests with wheel-chairs from Budapest and transported the visitors of the event during the whole time of it there and back. Thanks to this great Team!

Ntone Érdi Volán


29th May 2015 - Ntone-VVSI: Integrated Dragon-Boat Cup

László Kormos was born in Tiszafüred, he is a 47-year-old painter. Using his physical abilities to their maximum, he leads a full life and creates artistic values. He painted his first works in September 1993. He paints primarily landscapes, but nowadays portraits, too. He told us gladly about the relief and relaxation, that painting means to him.

Ntone Kormos László


29th May 2015 - Ntone-VVSI: Integrated Dragon-Boat Cup

A really enduring team of elementary school pupils and parents arrived under the leadership of Csaba Dalia to help the teams of the disabled children and adults. It was great joy for me to make delightful experience with you and I would like to specially congratulate you on your places!

Ntone Ercsi Team Dalia Csaba

29th May 2015 - Ntone-VVSI: Integrated Dragon-Boat Cup

I don’t know how many motorists would have watched in peace as more than hundred people got in and out their cars during a whole day in the fields. There are not many people who can serve a good purpose with such perfect elegance and stepping into the background. Thanks for it to Imre Kovács Alias Kenguru.

Ntone limo


29th May 2015 - Ntone-VVSI: Integrated Dragon-Boat Cup

Dear VVSI! Dear Managing Director Csaba Deák! I would like to THANK the whole PROFESSIONAL TEAM of VVSI, who trusted us for the second time already and made available to us this fantastic facility for the dragon-boat cup organized for our friends with a more difficult life. I could hardly think of a more ideal place for our event. We could work on land, in water and in the air at the same time or separately. Our guests will wish to come back to the wonderfully maintained and spectacularly developing Dr. Springer Ferenc Watersport Center. Special thanks to the Training Team and the Team of the Life-Guards, who helped our guests in the scorching heat without complaining and with the highest professional skills, both from the land and from the life-boats. Thank you that we could form a community with you. Ntone Team, János Nagy, organizer

Ntone VVSI Sárkányhajó Kupa 2015


29th May 2015 - Ntone-VVSI: Integrated Dragon-Boat Cup

I find it important to mention that very many people arrived as private people. They supported their team-mates with a more difficult life with their whole heart, with paddle, or with the drums. I am also proud of the OMV NOB Team, which supported our Friends with their whole general staff. Have a look at the photos, they are worth it!

Ntone OMV Sárkányhajó Kupa 


29th May 2015 - Ntone-VVSI: Integrated Dragon-Boat Cup

Thanks to Szilvia Szollár and her dance team, as well as Gábor Czabán, who arrived with a serious folks-dance and beat-box program for the second time already.

Ntone Szollár Szílvia


29th May 2015 - Ntone-VVSI: Integrated Dragon-Boat Cup

The quiet motorists of József Boltos.

Ntone Boltos József 


29th May 2015 - Ntone-VVSI: Integrated Dragon-Boat Cup

Those who were there, know it!
Zoltán Tubel "TUTU" reported with an incredible endurance and power even the preparation of the dragon-boats for the start. Thank you!

Ntone Tubel Zoltán TUTU 


2014-2015 – Dragon-boat tour with children

It has become a tradition that every year we canoe out with the children of our friends and acquaintances working in social institutions. 

Ntone Sárkányhajózás gyerekekkel 1  Ntone Sárkányhajójás gyerekekkel 2  Ntone Sárkányhajózás gyerekekkel 3