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Ntone Event is a one-man social enterprise.

Four years ago I started my activity alone, today there are several hundred professionals and volunteers joining my initiatives at a time.


The success of my activity lies in the team-work! 


What have we achieved so far?

My enterprise is able to directly achieve significant social effects in a novel form, by joining forces with private persons, foundations and company sponsors.

To date we have managed to create experience and training or work possibilities for more than 6000 young people living under difficult conditions and for disabled people.

My operation is fundamentally based on ethical guiding principles, which correspond to a high degree with the scale of values of responsible companies; with the help of our communities we create answers and followable examples to social problems with creativity and innovation.

In possession of my knowledge about the Hungarian civilian sector and thanks to the experience gained during my previous activities, I deeply believe in the legitimacy of social entrepreneurship.

Ntone Event


A few words about myself:

I was born in Budapest, 26th May 1964. My father was leader of a commercial branch and is still active as a pensioner: he leads a beautiful model farm. My mother used to work her whole life as a commercial manager, at present she lives in Canada with my sister.

Thanks to my family background, I also started to work in commerce in different business forms and positions: I worked as a single entrepreneur, a timber industry branch leader, I directed a large-scale economic association dealing with livestock farming and directed - as logistics manager - the activity of a catering company.

For ten years I worked as commercial director of an international sandwich producing company, developed logistics system, was managing director and later also advisor at a company group manufacturing and distributing therapeutic apparatus.

It was a deliberate decision that I do not wish to spend my second 50 years in the for profit sector. Presently, I act as a volunteer at different foundations operating on a national level and as an integrated event organizer in my own enterprise. Since my childhood I have been doing sports: canoeing and swimming have accompanied me throughout my life.

A few years ago my spine got injured, this is why I started to organize a community, the aim of which was to create cultural and water-sport events for disabled people and our friends having a difficult life.

Ntone is an acronym consisting of the first letter of my name and the English word tone. It is a registered trademark. Sometime it meant to me the way I experienced and formed reality, today it is the symbol of a volunteer team.

János Nagy